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What is Geek Mormon all about?

The Mormon community is vibrant, large and international. Even so, there hasn't been a good place for Mormons to discuss issues candidly within the community. Geek Mormon aims to be that place. Whether it's politics, religion, pressing issues of our time or lolcats, this is the place to share it with others who share your faith. I hope this will be a place you can relax, enjoy and be uplifted.

What Makes Geek Mormon awesome?

  • No Ads - This site is for you, not for profit.
  • No Membership Fees - Features aren't locked away behind pay walls.
  • No Tracking - We don't track you with Google Analytics or other third party tracking software.
  • Freedom - Post about whatever you want. (Obviously nothing illegal)
  • Tags - Content is searchable and categorizable by tag, so you can find what's relevant to you.
  • It's For You - Feel free to make suggestions about how to improve the site.

How do I use this site?

Just create posts to share news or thoughts and join the conversation by commenting on other posts. Geek Mormon doesn't curate or create content. It relies on you because this is a site about what you want to see and discuss.

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