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posted by paul

Obviously the site is still under light (heavy) construction, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on what to add to the site and especially what features/changes you would find helpful. I want this to be a great place for discussion and just hanging out, so let me know!




Next up is fixing the comment system. That means you'll be able to leave a comment and see it appear of the comment list instead of getting a popup and having to refresh. Yay!


I added pagination, auto refresh after commenting and posts are now sorted by score.


One thing I need help with is deciding how posts should be scored. If you have a good algorithm I could use, that'd be really slick :)


I figured since I was up at 4 AM anyways, I'd go ahead and add sorting to the tags as well. Tags should order by usage now.


My preferences--Newest posts at top. Also, many posts are just links--I'd prefer to read your commentary about each post and see a picture from the source.
This comment box could use being a lot bigger too, and when I tried to add a comment before registering and signing in, I lost the whole comment I'd typed the first time.


Thanks for the suggestions Peter. Also, sorry you lost your comment because of my buggy code.


So, I just rolled out a few changes that I hope will make the website a little better. There's now a tagline at the top of the website. Everyone thinks this is a blog, so hopefully a little messaging will clarify the purpose of the site. Signing in and signing up is now all handled via a popup so it you don't have to bounce around between pages anymore. Usernames are now case insensitive. I had a couple of you sign up with two usernames using different cases, so that shouldn't happen anymore. Also, the person who created the post is listed under the post title on post pages. Keep the comments coming. I've heard a lot of good stuff from you guys.


I definitely think most people prefer, or are at least used to, the "sort by most recent" idea Peter suggested. I do, however, like Reddit's way of sorting based on popularity. Maybe you eventually have options? Right now it's confusing because it doesn't seem to be based on date or popularity... or is it based on date of last comment (or post if no comment has been made)?

I think there should be timestamps included for posts and comments.

I also agree that the comment box should default larger. I would like formatted text so I can put line breaks in and have them be respected :P

For some reason I don't like the "- username" at the end of comments. I think I have a hard time reading it or quickly scanning over the list and seeing who typed what. I'd prefer the more traditional approach where it says the username/time at the bottom of the comment.


Oh and I want to be able to edit my comments!! Man, I'm a needy guy!



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