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0- Ludum Dare 26!

posted by paul

Ludum Dare 26 is coming up soon. if you haven't heard about it. It's a competition where everyone tries to create a game by themselves in under 48 hours. I've done this a couple of times and have a good time (here's one I made before, but the last one I just never got anywhere with my game. I think it'd be fun to make a book of mormon themed game or something. Anyone else gonna participate?

So I had a little bit of time to spend on Ludum Dare 26. The theme was minimalism. I think I spent a total of five hours or so working on my game and here's what I came up with![[[[/[[[[.html Not anything amazing (or good even really :P), but it was fun to finish something.

So voting has finished now. I ended up getting a bronze medal for coolness, which is awesome. Over all, I placed about 1200 out of 1600. Which, honestly, is a lot better than I thought I'd do. It was a good time and look forward to competing again. Next time, top 100 for sure!





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